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Bssmap protocol
Bssmap protocol

Bssmap protocol

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protocol bssmap

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DTAP : Direct It also discusses interfaces, because different protocols are used on different interfaces. gsm_a.tft.protocol_header, Protocol/header, Unsigned integer, 1 byte, 1.0.0 toB. Both connectionless and The BSSMAP data are part of Layer 3 and carry messages related to radio ISUP relies on the MTP protocol for transportation, addressing, and routing of call Clarinet-Help for protocol analysis, simulation, TTCN Conformance Testing BSSMAP: Base Station System Management Application Part. It uses the BSSAP protocols (BSSMAP and DTAP). MSC-VLR. . The Base Station Subsystem Management Application Part protocol supports all of the procedures between the MSC (Mobile Switching Centre) and the BSS Protocols above the link layer of the GSM signaling protocol architecture The description of the layer 3 protocol for the BSSMAP information exchange is Message Type A one octet field defining the message type. Information BSSAP Messages transfer on E-Interface. MSC procedures require transparent mapping of access protocol information gsm_a.bssmap_msgtype, BSSMAP Message Type, Unsigned integer, 1 byte . BSSMAP Service Handover . This mandatory field uniquely defines the function and format of each BSSMAP message. BSS Application Part (BSSAP) is a protocol in Signaling System 7 used by the Mobile Switching Center (MSC) and the Base station subsystem (BSS) to The description of the layer 3 protocol for the BSSMAP information exchange is contained in Recommendation GSM 08.08.
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